For someone who lives in a small space, gets annoyed when there is too much stuff around and owns more than needed, a seasonal check point really helps. I know that spring-clean-outs are the standard. I definitely need 4 check points a year. No, I don’t have a trash bag full of things to donate/sell. This is not an excuse to frivolously get rid of old things and buy new ones. But it’s more of an hour of chores to make the old ones stay golden. 


Make Time

30 minutes. I clock it. This can be a dull tiring task. I ask Harsha to sit with me. It gives him the opportunity to tease me about fashion/say funny things about my clothes/mock my shoes. Makes it less chore-like for me.

Deep Clean

Take everything out. Dust and wipe the shelves. Remove traces of the neighbour’s cat.

Be Decisive

The soles on my Porselli flats are worn out but they look so pretty. Holding on to the bad while hoarding the good is not necessary. The goal is to not to ‘get rid of things’ but to be realistic.

Clean Out

A blue chambray shirt, brown Frye flats and Porselli ballet flats. All worn out. I dropped them off at a thrift shop hoping that they will know how to recycle/dispose the materials.


Oscar De La Renta little black dress – sold ! Its looking a tad too ‘girly’ with my recent weight gain.


Cotton dresses and oversized linen shirts that are hard to layer – get a break. Ballet flats – they need a break.

Bring out

Long sleeve t-shrits that can be layered. Loafers. Tights. Leather jackets. Scarves.


Condition the leather goods. De-pill the knitwear. Look for loose buttons and repair needs.


I could color code but all my clothes are of almost the same color. I sort by type – denim, long sleeve t-shirts, shirts, jackets and sweaters. The accessories draw ( belts and scarves ) is usually is my most messiest.

Wish list

I need a suede cleaner asap. A navy blue sweater dress would also be nice. Santa, are you listening ? This cooking apron has been on my list, but not now. I have been buying a shoe tree every season. I need 3 more. Wooden hangers are also on my list of upgrades but I haven’t gotten around to it. They distribute weight better which is good for preserving the shape and is easier on the seams.


When I read such posts, I used to think “these bloggers have nothing else to do all day but to reorganize/declutter/condition things”. But my perspective on maintenance tasks and quality control has changed. Definitely time I can make once every 3 months. I want my beautiful pieces to last a long long time and wear well. I used to dread doing such chores when I was younger. As of today, it’s still not my favourite. I rather be outdoors or napping or working. But I do it. The beautiful fabrics in it, made all the difference. Perhaps blogging helped ? Also, I have the numbers under control. It doesn’t feel like an overhaul switching things out. A dozen things go into storage and a dozen things come out to hang. So much more manageable. Bring on the Fall !