Photo Source : The Sartorialist


1. The rather exciting evolution of Pho

Food, politics and poverty are more intertwined than you think ! The more i quizz into evolution of food, more I learn about the history of the country. Pizza became popular because of the great famine. The French got their penchant for food from an Italian princess who married the French king. Chivalry was introduced as a concept (in the form of plays) in the royal court to prevent noble men from groping their women in an embaressing manner in public. Ballet was first introduced to teach the royalty posture and movement, which later evolved into a dance form. History lessons can be interesting !


2. Can you define ‘healthy’ ?

The word healthy gets thrown around too much and by everybody. There is no standardization or consensus on what’s healthy. We see fads that get proven wrong from time to time. I trust the ancient wisdom that has been reinforced by science and the feedback from my body to determine whats healthy for me.


3. Art and Engineering of shoe-making

“A good shoe must be anchored by a sturdy, invisible shank, supported by a steely heel and coddled by a cushy footbed. There are myriad things that can go wrong. Most good heels use tempered steel in the shank — a piece of metal in the inner sole — and in the heel. A shoe should be very rigid so that the wearer can rest weight on her heel, without having to balance on the ball of her foot. But some shoe makers insert a weak metal shank or use cheaper materials such as plastic.”


4. Do you have to be gorgeous to be popular for your style on Instagram ?

How true. I looked up all the stylish people I follow on instagram and they are all good looking. All of the popular bloggers look insanely gorgeous. We keep hearing that style has nothing to do with beauty. But we as a society don’t validate it really. I don’t seem to follow any of the plus size bloggers. I applaud every time I see a black model on the cover of Vogue but follow (just) two bloggers who are of African American origin. I am sadly plugged into the system ( The Matrix anyone? )


5. Vintage Garance Dore

I miss the days when she used to write her own blog. The voice and the humour – I miss. She was cute, funny and relatable. I sat down last weekend and read a few posts from 8 years ago. Still very relevant and adorable.


6. Trends that need to die 2016. ( video )

I don’t agree with everything on his list but he helped me realized the microspheres of trends. Pinterest has its own trends ( Wendy’s Lookbook sort of perfect outfits go viral). Tumbler has its own trends (APC-esque looks on skinny white women go viral). The fashion bloggers have their own trends (Gucci everything apparently ? ). And we the humans have to resist them all to stay original. Do we stand a chance ?


7. The Myth of the catty woman

I dislike this notion of women being catty and unsupportive to each other. I am critical of the typical shopoholic fashion blogger. But I hope I am not catty. I will tone it down from now on. I have done a some shout outs to bloggers I admire in the past. But the truth remains that I don’t do enough. I will try to be nicer and more supportive.


8. I wish I didn’t have the wedding I had.  ( video )

Its our 6th annvy last week and I can not bear to look at my wedding photos because of the facade. We performed rituals we didn’t believe in. Ceremonially prayed to multiple random gods to bless us in front of all our guests, while being atheists. And paid good money for the charade. I saw this video and wished I had some say in my wedding. I tried but couldn’t convince my family. They were afraid of being shunned by the hindu society to let me have what I wanted.



9. This manifesto by TooGood

How badass !


Any fantastic articles you read that you want to add to the list ? Or fantastic blog posts that you wrote or read that you want to share ? I had a rather long reading list this season but shortened it. Articles that I love, I pin to these two Pinterest boards : fashion related & non-fashion related. Some very very good reading material lives out there.