This takes half an hour of my time per month. And its time I don’t consider stolen from my life. It also costs me a little to own the equipment needed. The returns justify the work and the cost that goes into it. Let’s romanticize the chores a little shall we ?


One day in the near coming future, I would be able to name every part in my bike, know how to tune it and fix any problems by myself. But can you see how new this book looks ? Work in progress. The bike kit is brilliant – it has commonly needed tools in compact sizes. We fixed a puncture in his tire last week.


I smear mineral oil on all of my cutting boards. Weathered wood with all of its cuts looks better with age. When I see all the vintage boards with interesting textures in professional food pictures, I wonder if my boards will look like that after a few decades.


We are a zero plastic kitchen. I find plastic incredibly ugly. This equates to lots of wood that rots away if it doesn’t get some care from time to time. The husband used to argue that the time spent taking care of it, is not worth it. But I don’t think he will go back to plastic now, he enjoys it all. He used to hate chopping. Now that we have a chef’s knife and a big board to cut on, we are constantly fighting over who gets to chop and we try to show off our cutting skills to each other.


This hat went to Muir woods and Sierra Vista Reserve with me this month. And went on 7 hours of bike riding along the slopes this week. I was told that Stenson hats last a lifetime. I got mine at a 100 year old heritage cowboy store in Scottsdale, Arizona. All the men in store wore boots with spurs which somehow made it all feel authentic. As I paid for my hat, an older gentleman who owns the store made me promise that I will take care of it. I think I do. Its waterproof wool. I brush it and apply some beeswax on it from time to time.


These Porcelli’s get brushed and conditioned every 10 days. I used to polish my father’s shoes everyday during my childhood. I find the activity very grounding. The neighbour’s cat somehow appears in my frames after I set up the tripod. I dont have the heart to exclude him. He is also responsible for how bad those laces on my shoes look. But shoes are meant to be worn out.


The Laundress is as indulgent and luxurious as the silk it washes. I try to wear my shirts multiple times before I wash them. Air them outdoors inside out, vodka sprays, etc have reduced my laundry load by half. Some of my hated chores became beloved with the help of good products.

I don’t do any crafts or DIY’s. And maintenance hour gives me that satisfaction one gets after you finish a the crafty thing with your own hands. I also think romanticizing chores is the only way to get through them. I hope this post serves as a gentle reminder to take care of things you love and make them last longer.