I met her in a math class when I was 13. We solved a trigonometry problem together and have been inseparable since. She inspires me. And claims I inspire her too. But she is the more reliable one and the stronger one. We both were in a long distance marriage with our husbands while doing a Phd. Fashion was a good distraction during this period of misery. We talked about running away to Paris together and visiting all the fashion houses over a weekend. We talked about setting up a joint bank savings account for this but never did. Maanasa, what say ? There is still time and we are alive, well and kicking ! 



Not a spontaneous picture. I forced her to pose for it. I love her beautiful curls.


When two girls grow up together over a decade’s worth of stories, there tends to be a crossover in ideas and ideals. If either of us pick up a liking, soon, the other will start to like it too. We sort of resonate. We have always been partners in crime. When I discovered the concept of French chic, I ran to her and made her read the book Madame Chic. Over the years, we have had very different wardrobes but similar tastes. Last week, she purchased an A.P.C tunic dress that I purchased last year. She likes print and I dislike it with a passion. Mine was polka dot. Hers is an abstract print. Both in blue.


In this picture : A 2 hour road trip to a different city to take a yoga class(!!), post class cocktail, leather jackets & two old friends.


We purchased our Proenza Schouler bags together. She got a PS11 and I, a PS1. And made sure they arrived at my apartment when she visited. She still has hers. I sold mine long time ago. She believes in using up an item and not selling it away when it does not meet a standard. In the name of frugal living. I have excellent selling skills on eBay and will let go if I can make the money back. I did. I refuse to keep things I am not happy with, for the sake of them. We do have our differences. But they only make our discussions so much more interesting.


photo (2)-2

The beautiful redstone on a trail in Sedona, AZ.


We don’t do sweat pants in public. This was an impromptu hike and she kicked ass !  She hated this chambray shirt of mine. It got sold off next year after I got some wear from it. See, I do listen to her from time to time.

She has a PhD in Mathematics and is a devout yoga practitioner. She introduced me to ashtanga. I have a PhD in Computer Science and am a frivolous yoga practitioner. I dabble in lot of workouts. We both teach.

She discovered raw denim a few years ago and has been raving about them for a long time. I found my pair last year. She helped me get over denim leggings and I can’t believe I walked around in public in them.

She introduced me to Ralph Lauren and APC. And I introduced her to Cuyana. She doesn’t care for the runway. Fashion week is my equivalent of a 15 year old boy’s internet porn.

During my last visit to New York City, we dressed up and went to the Chanel store. High end stores can be intimidating but with her around, it felt tame.



Black Frye Carson Ballet Flats on the day she purchased them. I wore out my pair and she still got hers. 


She introduced me to Lin and other style bloggers. And we discussed detoxing from it all after we started seeing too many rstyle links and words ‘PSA’ splattered all over the posts. Lin’s blog continues to be our favourite. We love her post on denim. That is what helped me realize I was overpaying for stretchy jeans.

She is the one who told me I should stop buying 3 silk blouses at Zara and pick one from APC instead. I bought 3 second hand Equipment shirts at the price of Zara from eBay instead.

I buy everything second hand, online. I pick quality and quantity. She likes the pleasure of an in store experience and likes stores like Steven Alan with a curated clutter free displays. She picks quality over quantity.

We discuss views on elegance, modesty, chic, quality, etc all the time. Some match. Some, we end up quibbling over. We were discussing red lipstick last week.

She thinks Everlane is too much noise for the quality it delivers. I find the quality of their silk good enough for the price. She disagrees.

Its not just the clothes. The skin care and grooming secrets were learnt from sharing. We learnt these late in our life by ourselves. Our mothers did not pass us too much wisdom on this regard. It was only after we started working that we could indulge ourselves with facials or Sk-II serums. Not a day before. Posture and yoga go hand in hand. Confidence comes from achievements and exposure to life. We continue to learn.

I started blogging more about style after she left America. Its hard to have these conversations and I have taken to chatting with fellow bloggers instead to fill the void. I miss her all the time.


She has moved back to India and had a baby. I help her buy clothes during APC sales and ship them to India. I imagine life will change a lot with the distance. My cute nephew is going to teach her a lot about life. We will both change with time. But somewhere deep down, we will be the same little girls sharing our stories. And playing dress up.