This summer, I got my Phd, moved out of Arizona for good and became a Californian. I get to live with my husband full time and I have never been happier. After 120 degree summers for Arizona, 80 degree California feels un-summery. Nights are chilly. Linens feels too breezy. The mountain we live on, is rather cold. There is a little bit of acclimatization needed on my part. I never needed to ‘wardrobe plan’ by season because I had it down for a while and don’t follow trends. DeadFleurette had to do so because she had so little and it was an opportunity to add a new piece. I have so much that the only wardrobe planning I need to do is exercise restraint. My closet is a summer closet and we the people of Arizona do it well. Being cold in summer, like I currently do, feels all wrong. Some thoughts :



fabricsCotton, silk and linen.


Linen and cotton are my favourite summer textiles. I have a mild repellant property to polyester clothing. Silk is my choice for evening wear. Since I am spoilt by choice, I wear my silk shirts with careless abandon whenever I feel like it. Cotton dresses. Linen and silk shirts.



Boxy shirts and skinny jeans


Shirts that are fitted are a pet peeve of mine. That 90’s secretary look – no thank you. The ones with darts at the bust are the worst and sausage boob – no thank you. I used to size up or steal my husbands shirts but the droopy shoulder was not a good look on me. I will eternally be grateful for boyfriend shirts.

shiftDressShift dress


My favorite shape. Minimal contact of the garment with the body while being modestly dressed. Since its not fitted, the garment is immune to body weight fluctuations and I invest in my dresses. I want my clothing to last a decade in my closet.


Shirt dresses


I have a thing for collars, unbuttoned shirts and sleeves that can be rolled up. Its the most flattering neckline on me. If a shirt married a shift dress and had babies … it’s a shirt dress.



colorPalette IMG_0070

Blue, mauve, green, red, gray and black


I love color as long as it’s blue. These are all the shades of blue that make up my closet. I have an odd purple, army green and deep red which can be classified as accent colors that I own a piece each of. I don’t like white, beige or brown. In India, I wore more color. It was easy to go into a fabric store and find a flattering shade in any color. I used to buy white fabric, ask for a certain color dye and they would do it for me. I do not do such activities in America. Its too expensive to even try.


I refuse to count my things and the internet doesn’t need another boring collage of clothes. My warm weather closet can be summed up as : 3 silhouettes and a whole lot of blue. Or as 3 pairs of jeans, a dozen shirts and 6 blue dresses. I don’t feel the need to make creative outfits. I stick to my formula. Every time I deviate from it, I end up wasting it and I have since stopped trying. I can not pull off a tshirt without looking sloppy and hence dont own any. You need a lot of natural beauty to pull off the off-duty model like looks in a tshirt. I own one gray tshirt that is used for layering.



Swing trench by Everlane


Californian nights after living in the desert are chilly. Not cold enough for leather or wool. A cotton trench is the perfect layering piece. Mine is from Everlane. Its 100% cotton which is a steal considering how many polyester blends exist in the market. Its a relaxed fit which is great for movement when on a bike. Brown/beige is on my no-wear list and this has just enough green in it. It makes me feel old school glamorous and I highly recommend it to anyone considering getting one.



Porselli, Frye, Jil Sanders


I don’t wear sandals or open toed shoes. I find most toes incredibly ugly. Even the painted ones. Ballet flats are ventilating enough and I am in love with my Porselli flats. They feel close to being barefeet. Mine are scuffed and I love them anyways.



Marble kitchen prop turned into a jewellry box + Dogeared necklace 


Its hot out. Nothing should touch the skin if it is not necessary. shift dresses and boyfriend shirts help. Why pile up jewellry ? An exception is this tiny golden dot. It catches light in a flattering way without being shiny. 14 carat gold is the most yellow I can handle. Silver is not a good color for my skin tone.



Vintage YSL and no-name thrifted neck tie scarves 


Sometimes, basics are too basic and sterile. And I get the itch to dress up from time to time. The color red is a great mood changer for me. This vintage YSL red silk scarf was an Etsy find from a few years ago. The seller also had a listing for a vintage gray wool coat designed by Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent himself, that I couldn’t afford. He was selling his grandmother’s closet. It was a fan girl moment when I got the scarf. The blue polka dot cotton scarf is a label less Goodwill find. I would like to add a dusty pink scarf to this collection but can’t seem to find one. Tie the scarf around your wrist or neck to add a tiny object of interest.



A whole lot of lululemon, Jade Yoga mat, tea tree oil cleaner


I am alternating between P90x yoga and ashtanga yoga. When I fix the flat tyre on my bike, I can add some riding to my exercise routine. I own a lot of lululemon. They are 5+ years old and are really made to last. The shorts are some synthetic material that looks indestructible. Their sports bras do not chafe. The fabric is softer than everything else I tried. You can wear them on day hikes/camping and they are not uncomfortable. I own a Jade yoga mat which is sticky. Its the best mat I have tried and is made from recycled materials. The cat loves lounging on it for some reason. I spray it with tea tree oil after use. The book on food history is used as a yoga block. I didn’t see a need to buy one which I have so many fat books in the house.



Cuyana did it again !


Pink was popular last season and I got the bug now. I am caught up with the idea of old fashioned lady like elegance and been carrying a clutch everywhere. I use it as a wallet and shove it into my backpack when I go to work. This was a 2016 purchase from my wishlist from Cuyana. I was debating between taupe and white. But choose pink in the end. This staged picture was shot for another photography project. I do not recommend those rollerball products for purchase.

10. Make fun of the TRENDS

I am sorry but I couldn’t resist writing this bit. The fashion bloggers will continue to wear mules that are fur lined. Or anything Gucci makes. I seem to be the only one who finds the Dionysus bag with flowers on top of a busy pattern – something that a child would make after a trip to a craft store. Floral stickers + 60’s wallpaper like pattern + big hardware. Big crotch mom jeans are trending and I am seeing them on every fashion blogger. They will pair the mom jeans with off shoulder tops.They would have gotten over the Chloe Drew and Faye bags by now. There are so many Mansur Gavriel bags on the second hand market, that is shocking. For years, you couldn’t get one without being on a wait list. #cliche

This post feels super indulgent. All of my sentences seem to start with the word ‘I’. Well, I like writing about clothes and style. What can I do ! Couldnt resist it ! I want to take more pictures and blog more frequently, now that I have some time on my hands. I am sorry if you subscribed to this blog hoping for food stories or travel pictures. This is turning into a personal style blog for some reason and I am going with the flow.