Flipping through magazines with him is an easy pass time. He doesn’t “get” fashion and hence says the most outrageous things when in close proximity to high fashion. And I am addicted to his mockery and humour in general. So he gets dragged on to the couch every time I flip through a new magazine.




he : “its a sandwich bag, you know…., to take your sandwich to work? ”

she : “No its not. Its a clutch. You put your phone, wallet, lip balm in it.”

he : “what about the sandwich? would you carry it in your hand to work ? that ridiculous”

she : “who said anything about a sandwich ? how did that enter this conversation?”

he: “why else would you buy this silly bag shaped like bread?”

she : “I happen to think it would look good with a dressy Indian saree. It’s created by Balenciaga. and costs ~2000$. Making it very desirable to a certain market. Some women can pair it with panache.”

he : “Please please don’t be among them.”




These earrings  were my first jewellry purchase. They are from 2009 accessories collection from Elizabeth and James. I quite like them.

him : “ice-cream cone earrings ! ”

me : ” No ! Its a sea shell. It’s a cross section. ”

him : “No, its a cone. You fashion people are blind.”


My conclusion : I married a very hungry man.