* Ten of us rented this cottage and explored the slopes. 




1. The unexpected beauty of travelling solo

A wonderful short video on experiencing the world by yourself while longing for people in your heart. The creativity and the perspectives in such people keeps me amazed and makes me want more from life.

2. Being a tourist in North Korea

This man made it into North Korea on a tour bus. He experiences some very skewed reality but it’s worth our reading about it. There are still countries that do this to their citizens, how strange !

3. Jedidiah Jenkins – the most beautiful man !

If you have a quiet night, read the words that go with the pictures he posts. He earned his instagram fame when he biked from Oregon to Patagonia. His posts are thoughtful, mindful and make you think.


* Brilliant article in the Porter Magazine. 




1. Alden’s article on Sustainable Wardrobe had me nodding all along.

You know who to blame for my shopping fast. I jumped on the idea the minute I read it. Its been going good.

2. “A billion people on earth never once went shopping”

This article changed my perspective. Shopping: Sitting and wondering what to buy Vs Buying: because it’s absolutely needed. Reading it filled me with some sort of mild disgust.

3. What the hell happened to personal style ?

American Vogue rarely does anything right for me anymore. I am pretty sure I don’t like Anna W. But this one piece – I read thrice.


* Countryside @ Lake Tahoe




1. Can we help ?

I am tired of being told that me changing my habits will not make an impact. I hope a million people will join me. Thank you for reading my blog.

2. If you eat seafood, you need to be a part of this discussion.

Most people I know can only name the 3 : shrimp, salmon & tuna. These are the most overfished of the lot and threaten the health of the oceans. Please lay off.

3. Carbon offsets – a discussion.

This seems to be a touchy subject. I have heard emotional arguments ranging from “only the people who don’t care destroy and try to pay for it”, “I do so much already that I don’t see why I need to pay too”, “they plant trees elsewhere. I pollute here, so it doesn’t make sense”, “why should I pay for existing?”, …


* Last week’s farmer’s market haul.



1. Brutal truth about chronic healthy eaters and good food habits.

I have been noticing the grocery carts, eating habits and health of (healthy)/(not so healthy) people for a decade now. It is always always linked to your childhood dinner table. Did your parents feed you sweet/oily/starchy food and didn’t make you eat your vegetables – your taste buds are not set up for liking healthy food. I am glad someone more knowledgeable agrees.

2. What is good tea ?

I am a proud tea snob. I can chat about what makes a tea good for hours. I think I could be friends with this man.

3. Mimi Thorisson – beautiful words.

I never thought of dining as just about food on the plate. Its the people, the atmosphere, the conversations, the wine, the produce, the effort that went into making it with care, the season, the weather, etc…. the whole sensory experience in every way possible. She seems to know this.