He and me love food. We are always planning our meals and celebrating our cooking skills. Finding good ingredients is the most important part of our cooking pipeline. We wake up on Saturday morning and head to the market with our tote bags. We have a generic list – 2 fruit, 3 veggies, 2 raw veggies, 1 smoothie item, 2 greens and 2 herbs. The act of picking from the choices available is really exciting for me. Especially because I get more picks than him. He lets me do all the choosing. I enjoy this more than any other kind of shopping. 


IMG_9707*This week’s haul


1. Which two fruits to pick for the week ? They still have some stone fruit and mangos.

2. Which green comes home with us ? They have 8 new ones that I have never tried.

3. They are selling chicken feet soup. He is making faces at the food truck in disgust.

4. Why are they so eager to give out plastic bags at the market ?

5. I want a picture with that farmer. She has such an interesting face. Will she let me ?



* My favorite book about food, cooking, ingredients, philosophy, economy and grace


6. That Vietnamese lady is haggling on the price of the cauliflower. I dont have the guts to do the same.

7. Heirloom tomatoes are back ! I have plans to stir fry beet tops with garlic.

8. Follow the smell of coriander wafting through the air and load up on the herbs.

9. Look for the crooked carrots. The dirtier, the better. You can break it in half and see the rings on the inside. More the rings, more nutritious it is.

10. We go to a conventional grocery store for ginger, lemons, garlic, oil, condiments, rice, frozen berries, Indian vegetables, etc from time to time. Its not nearly as pleasurable as going to the outdoor farmers market.



We are also working on perfecting our kitchen dance. You know… when two people don’t need words to communicate but are perfectly streamlining the tasks involved in cooking. I chop, he gets the mirepox started, I adjust the heat and add the first of ingredients. He goes over to grind the herbs with pine nuts. We take turns in washing the dishes when there are brief pauses near the stove. And so on …. the kitchen dance. Some days, we listen to instrumental music. Somedays, it’s groovy music. Today, we cook in silence. With the cat purring at our feet. How I love lazy and long Sundays in the kitchen !