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*at midnight outside Brickyard


These kids arrive at this junction everyday at 10pm. And test their robot all night. They sleep in the day, wake up to write some code and set out to test it. They have been at it for weeks. Last Sunday, they finally got it to work after an all nighter. When I arrived on Monday, I heard this conversation between two professors in the elevator :

Prof 1 : Those kids are way too happy for a Monday morning. Maybe we are not making them work hard enough.

Prof 2: They are in the same clothes since yesterday. I doubt if they went home. I think they finally got that thing to work. They deserve that grin they have plastered on their faces.

April is a sort of finale for my grad school life. I want to end it with a grin plastered on my face. My to-do list :

  1. Take a month’s break from blogging.
  2. Train my replacement.
  3. Submit the two papers I have been working on.
  4. Groom for interviews.
  5. Move out of Tempe for good.
  6. Thank all the individuals with Visual Impairment for working with me.