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*This stack of love letters are my treasure.

 Happy Valentines day ! Let’s replace the chiche gifts with hugs, kisses, love letters, long walks, star gazing, candle-lit homemade meals, wild flowers, dancing on the couch and poetry.


2.  This years Valentines day is special to me because I am living in that part of the world that just legalized gay marriages. I grew up in an old traditional culture that constantly told me how to live my life, how to love and whom to love. I don’t claim to relate to what they go through, but I am sorry that we are so nasty in general. It’s a right every human being should have and it’s not up to us to give or take. Its 2016 and we are still fighting for the right to love.




These images were shot by the brilliant photographer – Arjun Kamath. I can never imagine the fears of someone who is boxed in a closet, but these images hit close to home in creating a fear. In my lifetime, I want to see more change.



When Rumi and Shams met for the second time, they fell at each other’s feet, so that “no one knew who was lover and who the beloved.”

I never believed it’s the man’s job to kneel and ask the women to marry her. Or is it his job to take care of her. Or that it’s the woman’s right to be treated princess ( a definition of privilege ). I believe it should work both ways – as equals. I have been reading Rumi’s poetry. And the above passage resonates with me.





*My father enjoying the early morning on our farm


*Amma and me chugging coconut water

It’s uncanny as to how my father can read my thoughts over the phone. Even when I am silent, he somehow knows. They have been such a great source of strength for me over the years.




My favorite animal is the wolf. I want a dog because it’s the closest relative to a wolf that I can live with. I have considered adopting a wolf dog but I don’t think I can make him happy in the urban spaces I spend most of my time in. Wolves have been demonized by cattle farmers, ranchers and as cunning canine beasts by folk lore. They wander into the civilization and end up having to fend for themselves because we have taken away their lands and deforested their habitats.

I made 75$ from this blog last year through referrals. I donated this money to my favourite charity that supports the wolves in Oregon. If you helped me obtain this money by using my referral links, thank you very much !

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