I am not the person to give anyone advice on hair. Because my bad habits show more on my scalp than anywhere else on my body. But my Dr.Professor.Dermatologist.Dad is in good authority to talk about these things. He tells me – hair is dead and nothing tropical can save it really. He tells me 1) Eat well for your body to produce enough hair to replace the ones we shed everyday 2) Exercise for healthy circulation and stress management. 3) Do not heat style. My great grand ma is 102 years old and has a full head of thick straight silver hair. She says 4) Apply oil before washing to avoid over drying 5) Use soap nuts instead of shampoo 6) Condition to create a barrier for protection from the environmental elements with oil. 7) Braid it to avoid breakage. 8) Eat well to prevent hair loss. I am working on the ‘eat well’ part of these commandments. The rest are easier to follow. 


1. Rahua Volumizing Shampoo : This is no soap nut but is very natural from what I understand. Giving the no-silicone all natural exotic ingredients a go. It’s wonderful. Wash the scalp and let the rest of the hair wash by association when rinsing to keep the ends from drying.


2. Aveda Dry Remedy Oil : I have decided to go old school. Skip the conditioner and use oil when needed instead. 2 drops go a long long way.


3. Bass Wooden Hair Brush : A wide comb brush for detangling and brushing. Is 5 years old and very durable. Available at Whole Foods.


4. Dry Shampoo : ?? ( looking for one/need to DIY one/Fat and Moon )


Again, I am not in authority to give anyone hair care advice – because I have problems of my own ( hair loss ) that I am trying to solve. My father gave me some mexoryl and a boat load of pills to prevent it which I refuse to use. I think my issues come from my erratic eating habits. Let’s see if I can solve this using nutrition.