Dear Makeup bag,


laura mercier makeup bag


I am not asking a lot from you. I don’t expect miracles like no-makeup-makeup. But you do a pretty great job at being invisible. I don’t need you to last all day because natural ingredients don’t. And you are on, most of the day. I am not interested in the hoards of cosmetic innovations landing on the counters worldwide since I am content.

– Me.


P.S : A great ‘philosophy’ to listen to, before slapping on too much makeup or contouring like the Kardashians. And everyone apparently feels the pressure. Heck, I want to grow old after reading this.


Shown: Laura Mercier Makeup bag, Chanel perfection lumiere, Chanel foundation brush.


Less is more. I use my foundation more like a concealer. I dont smear it all over my face. I wear it because I photograph better.

I adore Wayne Goss, the make up artist and a beautiful human being. I got this push liner brush, because I wanted to support his venture. The brush is very well made.

Fat and Moon makes this eye liner that’s all natural and good for the eyes. Its exactly like the one my great grandmother used to make at home using Castor Oil.

I have a few lip color options. A very sheer pink that has SPF. My perfect nude is this brown-plum color by Bobbi Brown. I have a going out statement lip color in deep red by Nars.



Shown : Bobbi Brown ( Raisin Berry ), Nars ( Amsterdam ), Dior SPF 30 ( Pink ), Fat&Moon eye coal, Wayne Goss push liner brush, Chanel mascara.




Subtlety is an art. I dont want my face to look drawn upon. Lining lower eye lid – no. Upper eye lid – yes.

Never never believe you need makeup. Take care of the skin and all is well.

Remove makeup at the end of the day or else you ruin your skin and pillowcases. I double cleanse. Once with oil. Next with gram flour + clay mixture. And wipe with a toner.

Avoid long-lasting formulas. They have more unnecessary chemicals and require stronger products to take off.

Aim to look a little fresher than current self. Do not try to correct the ‘flaws’ as pointed out by the magazines or to look like someone else.

The no-makeup-makeup look should not take 20 minutes to achieve. It should take less than 5 minutes or else it’s not sustainable.

I was tempted to purchase the RMS illuminator / Nuxe shimmer oil. Instead, decided to exercise regularly. An inversion a day gives the skin an amazing glow, from my experience.


“If you are wearing your silver crown of hair, laugh lines, scars and sun spots with pride and joy, as medals of honor you have earned by living rich and passionate life, you can carry yourself differently; you will also be giving those younger than you hope for the future. ” – Cindy Joseph, Darling Magazine.