Impulse Purchasestupid act.


  1. Pure impulse buying is a novelty or escape purchase which breaks normal buying patterns.
  2. Reminder impulse buying occurs when a shopper sees an item or recalls an advertisement or other information and remembers that the stock at home is low or exhausted.
  3. Suggestion impulse buying is triggered when a shopper sees a product for the first time and visualises a need for it.
  4. Planned impulse buying takes place when a shopper makes specific purchasing decisions on the basis of price specials, coupon offers, and so forth.



Last year, I went with the flow as long as its high quality, item is versatile and was less than one incoming item a month. Made some impulse purchases. Picked up pieces I liked as I saw them. This year, I decided to write a list and not stray from it. This is not my 2016 wardrobe lust list. If I put a time line on it, it may prompt me to check it off by the end of the year. Its a list of things I lust in general. There is not reason for me to go and buy everything on it. My reason for making it is different – to not stray from it. Not go hunting for them but procure them if I find them. I also believe in delayed gratification. Taking months and years to find that perfect piece.


1. A TRENCH COAT ( since 2015 ) – Purchased.

The Sartorialist made this series called the Art of Trench. Its beautiful. And Burberry left this other website open for the public to contribute high quality photos of people sporting their trench coats. I always wrote it off as American preppy/French wannabe/European but I am warming up to the idea of using a trench like a tortoise shell. Wear it everyday when I bike to help with the winds and the possible rain. I don’t like camel, brown or beige – the ideal neutrals for a trench. I would like one in red or gray. A red may not go well with all my blue dresses but if I were to wear something all the time, it should be gray ? Rainy days are so gloomy and warrant red umbrellas and trench coats, no ? Still have lot of thinking to do.


2. THIS BLACK PINSTRIPE DRESS by Stella McCartney. ( UPDATE : purchased )

The 2013 Fall collection has to be my one favourite collection ever. Every model that came out had something on, that I thought was brilliant. She did a lot of pinstripe – dresses, shorts, shirts, blouses. I wanted them all and couldn’t afford any. Saved this photo to my computer so that I can stare at it. I found it on ebay after years. I still want it. Might purchase it soon after I slept on it for a week.



I am an everyday blue dress wearer. If I find something absolutely special, I would allow myself to lust after it.



4. A BLACK WOOLEN COAT ( UPDATE – purchased )

I have a mauve funnel coat that is light weight and a gray jacket. I like the idea of having a black coat too. I dont need it. My gray jacket needs to be re-lined because it ripped with wear. Also, I am a little bored of it. Am considering selling it or storing it away for a year or two. And getting a black one.



5. THE PERFECT GRAY T-SHIRT  ( purchased )

Boxy cut. Ethically made. Short sleeves. Loose drapy fit. Should be long enough. Shouldnt cost 100$. Almost Imaginary !!

red dress

6. A RED silk/wool DRESS ( purchased )

This has been on my list for years. The ones I like are not affordable. Or made out of polyester which I refuse to buy. I have one that I have been wearing for years from ASOS during my younger-always-broke days. Its going strong. Sort of acts like a filler till I find the perfect one. My sixth sense says it could take years.


7. AN EVENING CLUTCH ( purchased )

I have survived a year without making a handbag purchase. My first since I turned 18. I would like to add something dainty and elegant that I can wear with Indian clothes to my collection. I think Chloe Drew bag looks amazing with Indian clothes. Or most vintage bags that are created during the era when women valued elegance. All my handbags are built for travel and for the dirt. I would like something that I can baby and pass on as a heirloom.

UPDATE  : ( Sep 9th, 2016 )

I am so tired of wanting things. I thought this list would help prevent unwanted purchases. But it is still a list of things I wanted to buy. So I edited out this list. Weeded out the stuff that I can live without. This edit decluttered my list. 

kimono8. A KIMONO WRAP INSPIRED GARMENT  ( since 2014, can wait )

I watch a lot of samurai movies. Read the books on Japan, Samurai code, …. Love how the Japanese designers do their draping. Eagerly wait every year for the Carven, Lemarie, Rick Owen, Yohji, Rei, … fashion shows. Harsha and me went to Japan town in San Francisco trying to find me something. But they have some very souvigneers-for-foreigners type clothing that I can never wear. Something inspired and ready to be transitioned into this modern day and age – yes please. I tried to design one myself, but I am no construction expert. And no longer have a trusty tailor like I did in India.




I know. They are trendy and been so, for the past few years. Apparently a trend that refuses to die. Does that make it a classic ? any trend that persists for a decade ? Mr. Porter has this story on how trends percolate. I am in the laggard category. I have been hoping I will get over it. Still hoping. I am a firm believer in “dress up your flats and dress down your heels”. I am sure they will look dated 20 years from now. Or I will be one of those older women who would tell the younglings “I used to wear rockstuds and navy silk shirts with black jeans all the time”.


10. ARMY GREEN COTTON PANTS  ( always ) 

I had army green jeggings from Rag and Bone. I donated them because …. you know … jeggings ! Nili Lotan’s army green pants are perfect. And are not affordable. Someday, I am hoping something wonderful and affordable will pop up in the second hand market !





This is my 2016 resolution for the wardrobe – Not buy anything that is not on this list. I am finally at peace with myself. I am done with the large scale decluttering. I let go quite a bit and am in love with what remains in my closet. I don’t want to add too much and get it to the place I started from. Perhaps one item a season ? No more sob blog posts beating myself about every purchase. But buy less and choose well.