“Live life without regrets”, means different things to different people. I have met people who do not want to look back in the past and reflect since they don’t want to regret. I have met people who don’t think the past matters because the present is all well. I have met people who think life should be lived without having any sort of ‘lists’. & living life from day to day fully is the way to not have regrets. I am not like them. I repent for my wrong doings and have regrets. To me, it means doing the things I want to do – now, so that I may not look back and regret. I usually have a pretty good day when I wake up and make a to-do list to check off. I am hoping to apply this principle for a larger picture. Here is my list for 2016 : 



1. Stay in a tree house with Harsha for a weekend.

2. Get puppy Barney a red collar with his name plate.

3. Move to SFO and live in an old building with a fire escape.

4. Buy 10 shoe trees.

5. Buy less and let go more.

6. Write down all of my expenses this year.

7. French. Duolingo course.

8. Wear perfume everyday.

9. Buy our first bottle of Champagne.

10. Master the art of breakfast.

11. Wear more dresses.

12. Make bed every single day.

13. Read 50 books.

14. Get a facial every two months.

15. Paint more.

16. Up my commitment to yoga.

17. Make a video every month.

18. Produce less trash. ( < one 3 liter trash can / month )

19. Do an unassisted headstand.

20. Take a photo everyday. Don’t feel the pressure to share.

21. Plant my first herb pot.

22. Recycle and compost.

23. Bike to work. ( Without as many cheat days )

24. Learn to give myself weekly facial massages.

25. Wear silk without saving it for the future.

26. Give up beef and pork. Eat less meat in general.

27. Limit eating out to twice a week.

28. Build a healthy savings account.

29. Visit my niece and nephew atleast once.

30. Himalayas + Mom. Just go.


Happy New Year to anyone reading. Do you have a list? Anything you want to share with me from your list? I hope your lists come true. Thank you for visiting my space. I named this blog ‘To universe, with love’ because I assumed no one would read it and that I would be sending my thoughts into the vast void. It has been a pleasant surprise every time I receive a comment. Thank you !