In-laws. I was stressing out about my meet-the-would-be-in-laws when I was going to get married. And Harsha said, “You know me. You know them already.” Very true. I see elements of him in them. His sister has his modesty and the ability to make sacrifices for the common good. His father has the laid back elements and the big moral compass. His mother commands attention with her reasoning skills. Rishi has the appreciation for adventure and a simple life. Amrit is my late night discussion on ideologies guy. Shailu for his child-like heart … But Siddu, is the one who I see most of Harsha in. They are brothers in arms. And I love that kid. So does every single person who meets him. And he just got married.




My camera died the day I landed. I felt naked without it and couldn’t get out of bed for a few hours. A old film camera came to my rescue. I didn’t know how to use it. Half of my photographs are out of focus and it doesn’t matter really. I was there to see, not to be seen. My 7 day trip to India was a home run. Everyday was eventful. We laughed a lot. Travelled a lot. Ate emperor size feasts by the hour. Slept very little. Met a thousand people. Wore eyeliner and bangles everyday. Wore purple every other day. Ran into 5 wild peacocks crossing the street and was too mesmerised to take a photograph. Got hugged and kissed a lot. And attended a fantastic wedding.


Siddu aka The Groom. Loyal. Caring. Runs in the general direction even before the words ‘Can you help me’ are uttered. Fantastic friend. Crazy. Child-like. His brother’s favorite. His vadina’s favourite too.


Su. What do cute people look like ? She is the answer. “I forgot to wear my fake eyelashes. I should have bought a tshirt instead with that money”, she blurted out while getting ready. That little girl who doesn’t believe the world can be anything but wonderful. And a total dream for a photographer. I realized that if she is in the frame, nothing else in the photograph shows.


The lioness, the lion and the cubs.


Siddu getting his Spa On ! He protested and made our lives harder but I think he secretly enjoyed it all.






We were getting our pamper routines in full throttle too. Harsha, mamayya and Ammu picked out sherwanis. Attayya matched her saree with her sister. Sneha and Shailu wore sarees. I got someone to do my hair and makeup for the first time ever. All the women were eager to pose with our freshly drawn mehndis. Nobody objected when I asked them to pose for a picture ( but Siddu ). The men looked regal. The women proud – of the day & of Siddu. He chose well.






I think they were nervous. He more than her. But they smiled it away.




The first minute of their married life, was spent grinning at each other. @Siddu & @Su : Caught you !




And they continued to make naughty faces for the rest of the night.




Me: “Siddu, I hope you know how many knots to tie with the mangalasuthram.”

Him: ” I will put six ! ”

2015-12-27_0005 DSCF2417


Bro and Su, I wish you a happy married life. I hope it’s filled with laughter, romance and adventure. Thank you for making this week so incredible for me. I will wait to see what you two evolve into – together.