While creams get associated with moisturization, oils are very popular in many parts of the world like India, Middle east, Hawai, Morocco, … Can be used for hair, body, cuticles, hands, feet. There are so many kinds of oils and different consistencies that it’s easy to find something that’s non sticky and moisturizing.  I read about Linda Rodin and her DIY oil. And bought my own 12 pure grade oils, from Whole Foods. Made a concoction in my bathroom. Oh well, she made it sound so easy in her interview. Buy and mix. It was a fail experiment for me. Then used them up, one at a time and resolved to never again be this stupid with my money. Fell in love with oils a year later after I discovered the oil blends. Been wearing them for the past 3 years. This year, I realized that I have acquired enough wisdom to write a post on it.




I look forward to a future in which there will be far, far fewer things but more precious things—more designed, more simple. – Michael Gordon


CREAM VS OIL : My father is a dermatologist. His training and experience has taught him that creams moisturize better than oils. They penetrate better and can’t be rubbed off easily once applied. Oils tend to sit on the surface making them his second choice. I actually agree with him. They may be better. I never could use moisturizers because I have a mental block on everything that’s processed and synthesized in a lab. And creams are not something you readily see in the nature. Cold pressed oils, yes, I can wrap my head around them. If someone makes an effective blend of high quality oils, why not !


BLEND VS CONCENTRATE : I have used almond, jojoba, castor, argan oil and rose hip oil individually. I have normal skin that can take a lot. None of these broke me out. They were all moisturising. But none of them really wow-ed me. Not even the famed Rosehip oil. I didnt understand the hype till I started trying the blends. None of the individual ones made a difference the way the blends did.  Another observation when it comes to individual oils: they seem to sit heavy on the skin. This maybe because – the chefs who make the blends aim for a certain consistency for their end products Vs the guys who just aim to provide high grade high concentration pure oils. A few of my Indian friends adore pure grade Jasmine and Neem oil. I am yet to try those two out. But from what i have tried out, here we go:


may lindstroms oil youth dew


May Lindstrom Youth Dew :

This was the first blend I tried. And I was wow-ed the next morning. I expected it to be moisturizing but the plump skin and the glow, was totally new to me. A total home run for me. Its this beautiful golden oil with a rather lightweight consistency. I need one pump for my entire face.It can become greasy if i pump out more. But I can always give myself a 2 minute facial massage till it sinks in. Lasts me for 8 months of everyday use although I was told the product expires in six months after opening.  Doesn’t stain my bedding. I wake up with a glowing face and plumped up skin. I can see instant results and when I wean off the product, a difference. It’s all natural and handmade. And May is a wonderful person, and I loved interacting with her.


Keils Midnight Recovery Concentrate


Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate :

Nothing out of the ordinary. This is the oil that does the most basic job – moisturize. And that’s it. Has some fragrance from the essential oils. Its a good starter oil and is the most affordable of this lot. It’s widely available. Is very light weight. Makes a good warm weather oil.


Sarah Chapman Overnight facial


Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial :

This guy wins awards, gets featured in fashion magazines, gets sold out on Net-a-porter, is on the night stands of beauty bloggers and is pricey. To me, it’s yet another face oil whose hype I don’t get. Comes in a plastic tube. All the European bloggers seem to be raving about it and it was rather ordinary. Maybe they haven’t tried the Youth Dew and don’t know how gorgeous a face oil blend can be. Its light weight and warm weather friendly. Did not impress me much. This post might as well be a love letter to May Lindstrom.




RMS Beauty Oil

Broke me out. I am currently using it on my scalp and as hand / foot moisturizer this winter. Its very thick, heavy and a little greasy. The golden oil is visual pleasure to look at. And has some sweet fragrance notes. Gives a nice glow to the body when applied. The pain of using something that expensive for trivial purposes is real. I do admire the brand for what they are trying to do. I wanted to keep trying oils from different brands but this one convinced me that I should stick to what I know. I don’t want to break out like that ever again if I can help it.


I have normal skin with no real concerns beyond sun burnt skin. I am not looking for products to do miracles. Just want healthy and hydrated skin. Rosehip oil is supposed to treat scarring and hyperpigmentation. Neem oil apparently helps with acne … I am not the one to learn these benefits and talk about them. All the products features come in fully recyclable packaging and would have been plastic free if not for the caps. All the products has a similar composition : primrose oil, sweet almond oil, rosehip oil, argan oil, etc. But it’s the right blend that matters. If money was no concern, I would recommend May Lindstrom’s oil to everyone. There is nothing else from what I have tried that compares to it. If on a budget and looking for a starter face oil, I would recommend Jose Maran’s Argan oil or Pai’s rosehip oil. The rest of the oils on this list can conveniently be skipped. I am done with trying different products and experimenting. I will stick to this one for 2016.