Audrey Hepburn is one of my style icons. And I know I am not the only one. I don’t really know anything about her life beyond her screen presence and her physical beauty. But her allure and charm is not lost on me. My husband once found a book – compilation of her photographs in a thrift store and bought it for me. The book did not survive my many moves and purges but the images stay in my mind. UNICEF ambassador and a war refugee. Had deers and dogs for pets. And super stylish – on and off screen. Emma Watson is doing a great job in the recent times with her UNICEF outreach by talking about the stigma associated with feminism. My list of women I admire who are incredibly stylish includes Mimi Thorisson, Sofia Coppola, Em Alt, Garance Dore, …. I can trace at least one item of clothing in my closet that I can see each of them wearing…

Audrey Hepburn Roman Holiday

A side effect of admiring someone so much, is trying to emulate them. I can trace my admiration for the little black dress, wearing all black, loafers, peter pan collars, kitten heels, trousers, neck scarf, …. to Audrey. I watched the Roman Holiday more than a 100 times and am still counting. She is a princess on the run, in the movie. She borrows some money from Cary Grant and buys herself some ice cream, a haircut and some lace up flats ( ideal shopping trip ? ). And I have wanted lace up flats since. Nobody made them ! When the Aquazzura lace up flats became trendy ( 2013? ), I knew I would eventually find my pair. The originals are expensive and I wanted an affordable high quality version. Preferably second hand.  After much contemplation, I decided on the Stuart Weitzman’s version. A d’orsay with lace ups that are removable. And a rumor that they are comfortable. Harsha and me went to a mall last week to procure some gifts for our friends and family, to take when we go to India ( 10 more days ! ). I finally got around to going to a store and trying them on. And this pair came home with me.


Stuart Weitzman lace up flats


Trends. Sometimes, they work to my advantage. I absolutely refuse to wear heels that I can’t walk in.  I refuse to put myself through the discomfort and pain for vanity. I look back at corsets / foot binding and judge the generation that thought it was a good idea in the name of beauty. The only kind of heels I can walk in are the ones with the ankle straps. A good shoe should have support and not leave the ball of the feet as you walk. While mens shoes are made this way, most women’s shoes are made dainty and for vanity. Ankle straps really really help. And they are not as common because they are not as sexy a shoe and can be unflattering depending on bodily proportions. I purchased my pair in 2012 when they were a trend. I could try on a few dozen pairs before I could settle on one. Another item on my list is a the perfect oxblood red silk dress. The right red, the right cut and beautiful fabric are my constraints. I keep looking for one and haven’t found one that I liked yet.  I am waiting for oxblood to become the color of the season and I will have a higher chance of finding it.


We visited the store ‘Art of Shaving’ to get my father in law some grooming essentials. My husband wasn’t sure about spending that sort of money and I broke into a speech on cost per wear to convince him. All the blog reading I do is beginning to seep through my real life. “He will use it everyday for the rest of his life”, I said and Harsha obliged. Have you ever tried to calculate cost-per-wear before a purchase ? I did on this pair. I got to wear these about 500 times to get my money’s worth. Eek ! I still have the box and the receipt. Been sleeping over it for a week. Still not sure. This is my biggest splurge this year. I am going to India to attend my brother’s wedding and want to start with wearing them to all the events. Decisions, decisions, decisions.