Our fake Arizonian Fall is here. So glad that outdoors are more tolerable. The summer was brutal. It’s no longer 117 but 81 degrees. I will take it ! Seasonal dressing is rather unnecessary in the climate I live. A jacket or coat can make all my clothing perennial. There is no need for a seasonal capsule wardrobe. But I do it for my own sake. Because I like wearing certain colors in certain seasons. And certain fabrics during summer. I like wearing silk during the not so warm months. And collars become tolerable. Shirt dresses are my staple. Its usually too hot to have anything touching your neck. I am still going strong on wearing my blue clothes everyday. I quite like the navy and black combination. The right navy goes well with everything.





Navy silk shirt dress by Amanda Uprichard. I wear a slip with it or else it clings to my body too much. Why do I buy expensive unlined clothing ? Forgetting everything my mom taught me at the sight of a beautiful dress == problems+regrets.



By Cydwoq. Am newly discovering the pleasures of open toed footwear. The Sartorialist published this photo, and I changed my mind about them. Not happy with the dirt I seem to collect on my feet though. I think I helped 4 women who stopped me on the street buy them so far.



Wearing red is a mood booster for me. This bag of mine almost got sold off and I fell in love with it all over again. Also, Stella McCartney is my favorite designer. I love the thought process she puts into sourcing her materials. I heard an interview in which she talked about how she wants to make sequin dresses but is finding it hard to get the factories to make sequins for her in the non-PVC. And how she wants to use sustainable fabrics and urges more designers to use them so that it’s easier to convince the suppliers to make the fabric for her. I fell in love with her some more. Her Fall/Winter shows are amazing !


 I have been hovering around A.P.C’s online store with lust and greed. More blue dresses is what I have on my mind. I think I am currently pretending to be Sofia Coppola. And been staring at photographs of Mademoiselle Mimi Thorisson. And hunting down pictures of Garance Dore on Pinterest. And thanking Yves Saint Laurent for making navy and black chic. I am hit hard by the (mythical) French chic. Cheers to jumping on bandwagons.