Why should we live with less? This infographic explains it well. Donation is the easiest way to clear it all. For selling, I love Ebay ! Over the last year, I have had some great luck on eBay. For myself, friends and family. With designer bags, shoes and clothing. And this has got me to believe I can give some free advice. Some of these are the most obvious tips, but I didn’t know any better when I created by eBay account. So, here we go !


Dont make it look unwanted.

This is the best advice I can possibly give. I dont want it, but I dont want them to know that. Given that eBay is full of sad looking unwanted junk that nobody wants …. that doesn’t mean my item should look like it belongs to that pile. When a potential buyer scrolls through the page,  he is more likely to give more consideration to a beautifully styled item.



A high quality photo is a must in my book, to get more views. More the views, more the likelihood to be purchased. Good looking items do fine when photographed without too much effort. The ugly ones look good with some Shallow Depth of Field. The picture above has all this uneven distressed weave that did not look good how ever hard I tried, until it was blurred out. Plain backgrounds fare better when the item has a lot of visual clutter or even otherwise. All natural lighting gives the most accurate color information and flattering pictures. I would suggest doing as little post processing as possible. A buyer could raise a flag indicating that the item is not described, and ebay is known to be partial to the buyers.



“Pre-loved” – is a golden word. Again, do not hint that you are desperate to get rid of the item. Your description should also reflect the sentiment. Tell them a good (fake) story on why you need to let it go in spite of really liking the item : moving, leaving country, going back to school, downsizing, change in lifestyle, tuition fee, will-sell-for-good-return, etc. Your story should prevent the buyers from sending you emails haggling over price of the item. More the words in the description, the better the listing will do with Ebay’s algorithm.

Processed with VSCOcam with j4 preset

Sell a lifestyle

Stories sell. If it’s a handbag, place it next to items you usually carry inside the bag on a nice surface ( instead of on a random kitchen floor ). If selling a yoga mat, place it next to a yoga book or something soothing. Create a little story to let the scrollers give your item additional time in consideration. Create a small flatlay.


Lessons from instagram

White backgrounds and cool toned images are extremely popular on instagram . This is one way to get away with taking pictures without a high resolution camera and still get noticed. Good natural lighting + vscocam aesthetics somehow seem to sell. Find that white bedding. Or white table. Or light airy spaces to photograph objects in.


Make the flaws look beautiful

I made a few scratches on this handbag. But none of the sellers who asked me questions asked me for a reduced price. In a previous listing, when I had not made this scratch artsy, they haggled, a lot. Shallow Depth of Field has this effect. Find a DSLR and some natural light to do the trick.



Give them excess information and be eager to provide more. Tell them about where it was bought. Preferably in the format of a little story. And why you are selling it. And include in an unsuspecting manner as to how you adore the item and reinforce Advice #1.


Pricing :

Research similar items listed for a quote. Do not go with ebay’s recommendation unless really desperate to sell. I sold all my items at at least 40% above what they recommended. If your pictures are better than a competitor, you maybe able to make a sale at a higher rate. When I had lots of potential buyers watching the item, I held on to my asked price every time I had to relist the item.


Dont put all your eggs in one basket.

If you took the trouble to taking the pictures and writing a description, why the loyalty to eBay ? Upload the content to Poshmark, Shop-hers, Tradesey and other consignment stores. Just remember to take all the listings down after it sells. If you dont want to take the effort and time, send your wares to a website like theRealReal. They will pay you a tiny fraction of what the item is worth upfront and do the selling.

 I am happy to see all these consignment stores pop up online. It also gives me a venue to find something I like online & secondhand. I believe hoarding unused items prevents other people from finding something they are looking for and promotes consumption of new items. Please do donate or sell ! Its also a great exercise in testing ones marketing skills. It can be a fun exercise.

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