Purse Forum

/pərs/ /ˈfôrəm/



       1. A place where bag ladies chat.

       2. A black hole. And there is enough material to keep you reading for days.

        3. A database for everything about designer handbags.

       4. Borderline waste of time.


I did some research before I purchased a Proenza Schouler PS1, on PurseForum. I always knew shoes and handbags are a women’s ‘thing’ but got to see it all in person on that forum. People talk for days about their brand loyalty, durability, potential problems, their closet, their outfits with their bags, their dream bags, …. Ps1 is made of thin leather that sags, they all agreed. All fair warnings that I disregarded. And I now categorize this purchase as a regret. In lieu of this confession, I have to admit PurseForum has some lessons to teach. I stumbled upon one thread that talks about regrets – whats worth and whats not worth it: LINK


Did some semantic analysis on the data. Here is a comprehensive list of the popular items that these fashion lovers thought were worth the investment:


And here is a list of a consensus on what’s not worth it. Surprisingly, I found myself nodding along a lot when I discovered this list.


Reading this list got me thinking. Over the last few years, I made a few regrettable decisions. Here is my own list of what I think is worth the money. And not.



I made this list last year. I have learnt so much since. I think its unfair to push a brand into these categories ( although I maintain my stand on Free People ). I think an assessment and understanding of quality is essential. Zara makes some kickass durable clothing in natural fibres. And Miu Miu makes some very expensive polyester dresses. There are other factors that go into making things last : lifestyle, upkeep, maintenance and care, etc. How do I know the commenters in the forum didn’t throw their clothing in the dryer and then complain about them not lasting ? Did they take care of their leather goods ? I wish there was a way to obtain some education about quality of goods. I can get it via experience while wasting clothing and trashing the environment. Are mistakes a must for learning ?


Anyone reading this: Do you have a list of Worth It/ Not Worth It ?


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