Black and blue are the most versatile colors in my wardrobe. And I suspect that is the case, in most wardrobes all over the world. Deep indigos and overdyed blacks, according to Yohji, are the easiest to dye. They dont show the dirt and stains making them immune to looking ‘frumpy’ as they age. My summer style is relaxed and utilitarian. Blue is my choice color for the summer. A blue dress with ballet flats is effortless. No need to match and pair separates. No high maintenance whites. A fabric like cotton or linen is a plus.





Isabel Marant inspired chambray dress that everyone owned in 2013, but made by Madewell. The little details on the dress, the pockets and the lining make it a pleasure to wear everyday.



Frye makes shoes in distressed leather. While patent/structured leather looks more dressy, they seem to age faster. A crack in the leather or the scratches really shows. I like how worn in brown leather looks. Elegance in the wabi sabi sense – beauty in the rustic. These are my most worn shoes.


I am loving the summers in this house. We open up the doors and warm sunlight streams through. Its colder on the mountain making summers very pleasant. The light in this picture is something I want to remember for a long time. Mornings like these are a luxury. Light like this is a luxury. Thankful for it all.