It was easy to get carried away with a camera in hand. I wanted to wake up early to take photographs but I was too tired. I know all about the golden hour but more often than not, I would be slogging it out on a trail missing the beautiful light. I wanted to take my place next to the wild life photographers and waited it out for a great shot. I really wanted to. And fought with Harsha who made our itinerary. End of the day, I had to get it into my head. I am not on a NatGeo assignment. I am with my husband on an adventure. Not all of them photograph well – its more sweat, dirt, noodles and aching muscles. That being said, here are some beautiful landscapes.




This will be the last of my yellowstone series where I dump lots of pictures to the internet. Its been years since I thought about geology beyond the San Andreas fault line. Its been years since I learnt about the intricacies of an echo system – the homes, the migration patterns, the soil, the climate, the kings and the slaves. I touched trees that are remnants of forest fires. Heard lectures on why fires are actually good for the system …. I can not stop and get my head out of it all …. Another (delayed) post coming up on my packing list. I need this well listed because it was a daunting task. There are so many lists out there but none that worked for me. We overpacked. And could have done with lot less. My apparent conclusion after every blog post – do with lot less.