“I feel like I have become a living fossil in the fashion world”, he once said. At last, i found a Yoda among the Jedi. The man is pure poetry. His philosophy deserves to be heard. And i am quite taken by it all. Although we try to fight off materialism as evil, there is beauty in deeper materialism that goes beyond consumption. And it can be tied to life cycle, attitude and beauty. This man embodies it. I have gotten my hands of a few of his books. I don’t own any of his clothing. They are supposed to last the test of time. And look better with age. He uses the same cottage industry that made the best Kimonos in Japan. He is the last of them keeping them from shutting their doors and losing craftsmanship lost for ever. He hates fast fashion and the conventional idea of sexy. He has views on sustainability, a real creator, the color black, modesty, sexuality, fabric, …. the way a designer should. This post is a collage i made for myself, full of his words of wisdom. I had the same aha moment when i saw yoda in the Star Wars. “Do or dont do. There is no try “, he famously said. Yohji has a lot to say. This is a very long post.  Read very slowly with a cup of tea


















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I have amassed lot of information about this man, and i think he deserves to influence not only the creatives in the 80s but today’s generation as well. The world seems to be currently obsessed with the Japanese aesthetics and i hear “Wabi-Sabi” on an average of once per day. Yohji has lots to teach about it. Instead of creating a huge dump of quotes, i have split this post into a few parts. Part 2 and 3 coming up next.