I have been having days when i cant get out of bed, with a certain sadness that doesn’t leave. Things gone wrong, loss, separation and anxiety seem to play a bigger role of late. My solution to every problem is exercise and nature. Yoga has been helping me a lot to cope. And so has the sunshine. I am thankful for the end of the cold gloomy days. Its beautiful waking up to sun streaming through the window. And the idea of making matcha tea once up.

2015-03-25_0002 I have bit goodbye to my yoga studio and started doing my asana practice from home. I have had it with the background music and excessive commentary in class. Its time for a little more intimacy with the movement. I have a few books that have been helping me develop a routine. There is the flow as practiced by ashtanga asana practitioners. Somedays, i go with my own flow as learnt through the years from Yoga To the People and P90xYoga. I have been reading “The Heart of Yoga”, by T.K.V Desikachar, son of T. Krishnamacharya. Its beautiful. His interpretation and personalization of philosophy is rather free spirited to what felt like a dogmatic rule of literature i was previously exposed to. I would like to attend his school in the future.

2015-03-25_0003This is spring on the mountain. Our walks are very exhilarating. I cant wait for the next one. We saw a few Japanese Cherry Blossoms last month that are no longer in bloom. But deeply moved us. Watching the white petals drop was a meditation of sorts. Harsha named them “little drops of heaven” and we were transfixed at the sight of them shedding.

2015-03-25_0005 Thankful for the chances i have ahead. Excited for this spring. Deadlines. Deadlines. I should not miss these chances. Dear spring, I welcome you.