2015-03-19_0001 Once upon a time, in this magical land called Bellary, lived the most wonderful man. He was the perfect gentleman. And my grandfather. He loved us and we loved him. Today, he passed away. And he is survived by the most beautiful love stories. And a huge well knit family. And not a single enemy. Instead of crying, all we can do is talk about how wonderful he was. And tear up.

Dad’s notes: Grandma and everyone else, have been holding up really well. Instead of emotionally falling apart, a secret unspoken pact has been made to celebrate his life. There are many ways to mourn a loss, and this is how these wonderful people decided to do it. There was a moment on the last day, where grandpa was fading away. Grandma sits next to him comforting him. “Look at me, i am your Rani ( her name )”. He looks at her. And you could see the pride in her eyes for being his wife all these years. The pride for being with such a wonderful person. All the stories she has been sharing have been of how supportive he was and how wonderful he was to her. And to everyone. She told my dad about how she would go to him with her problems and he would take care of everything for her. This, ofcourse is not true. Because i know all the wonderful things she did for the family. Times when he was too gentlemanly and she had to step up her game. They were a great team and a wonderful couple. Full of nice things to say to/about each other. #lessonsInMarriage I feel like i have a piece of him with me. In my mom.¬†In Harsha. In my brother. In my sister.

Sudhakka’s notes: They decided to tell my ( 101 year old gorgeous super smart ) great-grand-ma about grandpa. She has been suffering from Alzheimer’s. And hasnt been recognizing people nor remembering events. They werent sure if they should tell her the news, but eventually did. She mourned the loss for an entire day, couldnt eat anything and went about¬†telling everyone what a good man he was. The next day she forgot about it all, but there is a sadness in her that she doesnt know the source for. And is unable to eat food. There is a depth to all of us, that makes sure we cant forget our loved ones, even the the brain cells are trying their best to help the process.