clutter copyGoal: Go on a yearly shopping fast. The problem with making such statements is the unrealisticness of something that big and knowing my own history with such resolutions. Last year, Maanasa and me tried to do a 12 things a year resolution. And i failed miserably. I want to take it seriously this time and do it systematically. “The difference between having a dream and achieving it is having a plan”, says my advisor, Dr.Li. I agree. So i want to take it one month at a time, and with a plan of renewing it every month. Why: I took some time out this weekend and went through all my purchases in 2014. I do all my shopping online and hence it was easy to see it all. After i scrolled through email confirmations, it was shocking to me. Most of them were impulse purchases. And since i am a heartless editor, most of my impulse purchases were returned or eventually donated away because of my dis-satisfaction. Pre-planning: I did some shopping/stocking up during thanksgiving which made going into this fast easier. I was putting off making this post till now to observe how it goes for the month. I think having excess makes it much much easier to resist new purchases. I am in the process of downsizing all my possessions. Seeing my previous purchases go, makes me analyze essentials from non essentials. Rules: Absolutely no clothing purchases. Absolutely no incoming shoes/accessories. No kitchen stuff. No books and other sorts of media. Would like my bank statements to have groceries and gas. And travel. Period. Minimize eating out. And i survived January !! It wasnt easy. Phase 1: On the brink. I was this – [ ] close to buying a green dress from anthro, an Isabel Marant jacket on ebay, a blue scuba dress from AndOtherStories, and hiding it. Phase 2: Self pity. I love fashion, this is not fair, i kept telling myself. I can never be one of those people. Phase 3: Massive online browsing. And more self pity Phase 4: Nothing purchased. I survived it. Am acutally proud. Phase 5: Failure. Bought something. But let it go right away. Phase 6: Pride. Phase 7: Success. This is not that bad. I could do this again. Every alternate month from now on. Even if i want/need something, i will have an average of 15 days to sleep on it. clutter copyFebruary. Lets go further, the infamous minimalism game. Elimination of clutter, became the goal for February. Goal: Get rid of ‘d’ number of things as the date of the month. I am not for counting things, but looks like i have to, just this month. Thank god this month has 28 days, i made it easy for myself in a way. Also, i broke the rules a little and did all my detox over the weekend. I did not want to prowl the house everyday looking for things to donate. Felt like a waste of time. But it got really really hard half way through the month. Do i really have 10 things on an average to donate per day ? Apparently i do. Shocking. Result: Books donated. A stash of 12 Kinfolk magazines sold. A campomaggi bag that went to a new home. A coffee machine and a juicer sold. A less than elegant wine rack that found a new home. Ugly UGGS finally leave my life. Less Miu Miu. Two designer handbags leave my closet forever. Cheap junk jewelry discarded. Clothes donated. An ebay pro seller in the making with excellent product photography. A pair of oxfords leave me. A purple herringbone winter coat finds a new home. Julia Child’s book given as a housewarming present. Excess tech gadgets sold. A coffee grinder purchase avoided. 30% of my closet gone. Music records leave my home. A down sized tea collection. More space everywhere. More light in the house. “Did you white wash the walls?”, i was asked. “Is that really your closet?”, my sister in law asked. More light. Less clutter. More peace. While i was selling my designer bags and other stuff at lower price, i didnt feel like it was a loss for me. It was in no way enriching my life if i kept it and letting it go feels like such a relief. I survived February ! I did good. Towards the end, i thought there wont be anything left at this rate. Now, everything else i own is my favourite stuff. And well used. The only electric appliance i own is a Vitamix. I did good. I have been reading quite a few blogs like the Zen Habits and Minimalists. I am not comfortable with the word minimalism, its a little extremist i think. But living with as less as possible, yes please. This exercise has been time consuming and mentally draining……I think i can stop now, for a little while. And re-evaluate in the summer. For March, i want to do a 5 days a week yoga challenge. And hit the mountains atleast once a week. And take a picture a day to upload to instagram.