Resolutions? How cliche ! But here is a list from what i want to do and have yearned for. Some are frivolous and some are necessities. Here we go… 



1. Dont be afraid to use social media. I think my old friends miss me and know nothing of my life. But posting pictures, announcements and other good stuff sounds like bragging to me. And i hate adding clutter to my friends feeds. But i see a need to post some updates. I will try to post once a month, this year.

2. Yoga. I keep getting caught up in what is the good/bad yoga debate. And put off by the snobbishness of a few of these yogis. But i don’t want anyone to have this sort of influence on me. I love it in all kinds and how ever i can get some ( #trueLove ). I should keep at it.

3. Use iXpenseit everyday. I have told myself to control my spending habits but never actually did. I have come a long way in changing my attitude towards owning stuff. But one effective thing to do is writing expenses everyday. It was life changing in the past and it can be again.

4. Check emails, feeds, etc less often. I do good with not hanging around the phone and reading every message as it comes in like a lap dog. But i think i need to apply this to the computer as well.

5. No more buying cookbooks. I have enough to teach me for my lifetime. And mom to answer any questions.


    6. Plan trip with Maanasa. Its long over due. We keep talking but never do. Napa?

7. Friday nights are for dancing. Bad time allocation during week gets me to stay in working on the weekends. This has to change. Friday nights, are for dancing.

8. Knife skills class. This has been on my list for too long. Owning a chefs knife and have no good technique makes me a charlatan. I have tried with youtube videos but a class might help.

9. Make bed. Our bedroom is pretty nordic looking after all the decluttering i did. I think making our bed every day should be a habit i learn asap.

10. Go on a one year shopping fast. I have been preparing for this for years but never done it. I have made lists of essentials and accumulated them so that i can cut out the frivolous. Start with a January fast. And take it from there. Baby steps.


     11. Detox the kitchen. I have a kitchen that professional chefs would feel at home in. And serving utensils fit for a king. I am a student and a professor who lives a relatively geeky lifestyle. Errr….

12. Let go of the books i will never read again or are not worth the re-read.

13. Simplify skincare routine. I dont need much. I am very greedy. And adventurous in Sephora. Absolute waste of time/space and borderline waste of money.

14. Wear mascara. Good shoes, simple clothes and nice eyelashes make an outfit, in my book. I see makeup as a chore but would love to do little something everyday. Stay away from eye liner at all costs though. It doesnt look natural and shows the effort put in, like i am trying.

15. Blog more. I dont promote my blog on facebook, etc. But i have a fear of people reading it when i know its a relatively inconspicuous space. I dont want to shy away from writing what i want because i fear judgement from people i know and dont know. Its all okay.


     16. Sleep less. Owing to my erratic eating schedule, i have my days where i have no energy and sleep in a lot. Doing yoga is the cure for it. I know it.

17. Eat lot more. Again, eating too many greens, raw food and the likes is not giving me enough energy. I want to eat more starchy and fatty food.

18. Become a ruthless list maker. Everyday to-do lists. Weekly ones. Monthly ones. And do them.