It has become so hectic lately. And i have taken on too many projects and juggling them have become insanely taxing. Going home and acting sane, instead of constantly ranting about lack of time or how tired i am, has become hard. But i resolve not to become one of those people whos life can be summed up by “being busy”. Their conversations revolve around “how busy they are” and how much sleep they are not getting.

“You can do it”, they say to me. Harsha, Dr.Li, mom and dad. I think i can do it all. Provided i make schedules and stick to them like my life depended on it.

On a different note, a student of mine came by and asked me for some life advice. This rarely happens. “How can i be successful in your course?”, he asked.

I immediately pulled up these figures. And tell him: Show up in class. Allocate fixed time to study. And study hard. And come to me if you need help. I hope that is the right answer.

unnamed (2) As it turns out, it is the solution to what i am facing right now. Show up. These days, i want to give up because it sometimes looks too hard. I have to get out of bed and show up. It usually solves most of my problems. Getting to my lab is my cure all.


This is the second part i have struggled with. I always saw not having fixed timings as a bonus of working for myself. But now, not having a routine is making life hard. Juggling personal life has become hard when i seem to do things “whenever”. This needs to change. I now wake up at 5am and get to bed by 10pm. I have failed to keep at it in the past. But i try and try.

unnamed (1)

Work. Work. Work at it. No other way. I love what i do. Work shouldn’t look like a mountain i cant climb but a mountain i run to coz i love it. I have my days. But ‘just do it’. And drink lots of tea.

Thats the solution.

All images by Wendy MacNaughton for Brain Pickings.