As a part of my Simplify resolve, i decided to come clean about any incoming ‘clutter’ in my life. I hope the fact that i have to put it out here will refrain me from purchasing too many things.


Something small. Something shiny. Something quilted. Something red.


This has been on my mind, for a little while. Been looking for an evening bag. LBD and a red bag, i envisioned would be elegant and romantic. It started in 2010 when “Oxblood” became the color of the season. There were so many beautiful options but i couldn’t afford any that i liked.  Winters went by and the hunt continued. And this year, reality kicked in. I may never want to spend a lot of money on a luxury item. Not anymore. And i wanted something that wasnt in-your-face recognizable designer bag. ( growing older ? ) I loved the color of burgundy ps11 but do not like the hardware to bag ratio on it. A pre-loved Chanel? Finally decided against it. Its the ‘it’ bag and generally arrives before the person does. Its beautiful and almost perfect. It cant help but steal the spotlight.  Valentino rock stud evening bag? I didnt like the studs, they dont age well. Mulburry did a beautiful chain bag this season. Again, the ratio of hardware to leather is a bit much.  The more research i did on it (proof !), more i think i liked oxbloods over the true reds. And more i was reaching the end of it all where i would tell myself, the one i like doesnt exist out there. And . . .

stella mccartney falabella hand bag

This was it. I saw it on Farfetch. Which i think is one of the most amazing ecommerce business model. They ‘recruit’ boutiques all over Europe. The items in the boutique have a listing on this site and get taken down when sold online or offline, which ever happens first. Whats unique about the items is the fact that boutique owners are tad more risk takers than buyers for stores like Barneys. They scout one of a kind items that dont end up in departmental stores. And its all available to us ! A study revealed that almost 30% of the products on there are hard to find elsewhere. I saw it here. And sadly, i cant find it anywhere anymore. Stella McCartney‘s mini quilted Falabella.

Then came a bigger problem. It is not leather ! I have always made a case against non-leather shoes. I still do. They are not comfortable. Without a leather upper, lining and sole, the shoes does not mould well to the foot nor does it let the foot breathe. And leather ages beautifully with certain amount of upkeep. This is a bag. I do not need it to mould or breathe according to my body. I would need it to hold its shape as it ages and continue looking beautiful. I always spent more money on durable products and not just because its made of leather. More i thought about it, more i liked the idea of this bag. Stella is a staunch vegan and makes a stand against animal cruelty. Again, something to respect. She worked on creating synthetic material that mimics leather in appearance but is made of durable man made material that does not sag as it ages. It is lighter than any of my leather bags (good for long nights of dancing). The biggest contributor to the weight/balance is the hardware. A few cons: its way over priced for what its production value would have been. And on par with good leather bags. Not very eco-friendly with all the plastic based polymers  …. And when i saw it in person, i just had to keep it.

P.S: I have a beautiful little red bag.