Physically stronger.

I went to my yoga studio after a month of absence. And was dreading it all day, before class. But to my surprise, i had gotten better. The teacher came up to be at the end of the class and asked me what i have been doing lately. Well, active life ! Carrying around a backpack is stressful for the shoulders but builds a lot of strength. Climbing mountains and wandering in new places all day == strong legs and butt lift. I can do more pushups now than before. And i am not toiling away in a gym or in a yoga studio for it (though i enjoy both in moderation). Life did it !

Stories and the romance.

“We will always have Krems“, i tell him. “I have goosebumps remembering that day“, he says. I know every couple has their ‘little stories’ that make them. I felt like we were making these stories too often and a lot of em. And the stories linger in our heads.

See divinity in all.

Is the gist of the scriptures, according to my yoga teacher. I keep hearing it a lot from time to time. It means a lot more to me now. I appreciate the diversity and people’s idiosyncrasies. They make this world more interesting. I will not hate on someone who is not like me or doesnt believe in what i believe. There is so much to learn !

Shift in likes.

Dream life vs Dream house, i would pick life. I veto the American dream. I feel i have learnt what i dont need to be truly happy. When i get lectured on the beauty of the American dream: large house, sports cars, big toys, instagram/pinterest inspired lifestyle, etc ( yes, it happens! Shoo! ), i can always go back into my head, keep calm and ignore.

The interaction.

I don’t meet a lot of people who see the romance in doing things i do. Finding someone to travel with, makes me think i am the luckiest girl in the world.  You can vacation with anyone. Go sight-seeing with anyone. But to travel, i need someone who equally loves exploring. Been meeting and connecting with people who feel the same. The ones who think sleeping bare back in a tiny tent in the forest, are the best nights ! The ones who discuss beer and the local food it pairs well with. The ones who went the extra mile to see the sunrise. The ones who take beautiful photographs. The ones who discuss history of civilizations. The girls who revere their hiking boots as much as their stilettos ….. I am filled with gratitude for it all.


Learning a few phrases of the local language can go a long way in breaking the ice with strangers. The effort indicates reverence to the place and culture. And its part of the learning you do, for travel. And i seem to listen to music that is not english, hindi or telugu and pick up a few words every day. I want this to last.

Experiences/Learning over things.

I was a fashion addict. I purchased a Proenza Schouler PS1 this year that i don’t care for, like i thought i would. And after seeing what money can buy in terms of experiences, i almost regret it. Old habits die hard. I see Chanel bags that i would have wanted in the past and see where the money they cost would take me. Not in that place anymore. Its easy to slip up and go back there.

I write this post for me. And just for me. So that i may remember who i want to be and not take it easy. Not to slip into the old ways that take me away from the path i want to be on.