Europe Packing List copy

      Him: What you doing?

Me: Prague research.

Him: By that, do you mean what we will actually do in Prague or what we are going to pack to take to Prague?

We are travelling for 21 days starting this Wednesday. And i am super excited. After discussions back and forth on what to pack, this is my list. Having never backpacked or stayed in hostels, we did our fair share of research on what to take. Not mentioned in the photograph above: laundry detergent, towel, trash bags, journal, stationary, a tripod, a ziplock bag full of nuts for snack and some medjool dates. I will update this post to make notes on what i did right and what i did wrong.

Update: I kept reading that most people over pack and half the stuff goes unused. Some travel packing websites even tell you to lay out what you want to take and take half of it. Well, i did good. I left out the scarf since it was early fall and felt i didnt need it. It was a good call. I used everything else. I think i did good with respect to packing. I did laundry a couple of times and it was not a big deal. I didn’t take my vibrams and used the oxfords for all the hiking. It was fine, but probably decreased their life span by more than half. I swapped the turquoise blue for a red dress, which served me well. I am actually happy with what i picked out. Especially because i was travelling through lot of country side where the locals dressed rather conservatively, and covering up was the way to go. The one night i wore the red skirt in Krems, Austria, i got really stared at everywhere. And almost instantly regretted wearing it. Something i packed in excess is camera gear. We were too exhausted or always on the move to take out the time and mount a tripod to take photos of us. I could have done without carrying it around everywhere.

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