A few years ago, I discovered this awesome blog that had a picture of this beautiful abandoned boat. I could never figure out the location of it but the words inscribed on it: Point Reyes stayed with me. We had a long weekend and all of our time to ourselves. And Harsha asked me to plan the weekend, it topped my list. After lots of instagram research, I found the exact location of this beauty:“Behind the Inverness grocery store”. As it turns out, it is true. Its such a cute tiny old town that it was not hard to find. Check out our Travel Gone posing next to the ship:


The accent, friendliness of the people, beauty of the place were a testimony of the remoteness of the area. Was one of those places that got me thinking “will I move here for a little while if I could work from anywhere?”. It not too far off from other beautiful remote areas of California that are on our list. Close to San Francisco. Did i mention its wilderness?



IMG_0494 Seeing it abandoned and alone was rather sad. Wish i knew the story behind its life. Maybe i can make up one and write here. Its my little blog afterall. Maybe this was one of the boats Thyrion escapes in, to avoid his head being chopped off !… …. oh wait, you don’t think Game of Thrones is real? Its absolutely brilliant. I invoke the same reasoning theists invoke for the brilliance of their religious books and how “no human could have written it, so its the truth”.

2014-07-18_0003 Photo Credits: Harsha. Finally, i get to be in a few photos. With this beautiful ship. Most of the contents of the ship are gone. A small captains wheel survives. There is not so tasteful graffiti everywhere on the inside. Cobwebs. Rusted parts. Useless parts of parts that can’t be salvaged. Rickety wooden boards. And still its so beautiful and interesting.


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