We have been wanting to explore the North of San Fran for a while. Point Reyes was a good start. Lots of variety in landscapes/beaches/hikes and choices. We picked a day based on weather forecast (sunny ofcourse!) and headed out.


A tiny lagoon. Lots of shrubs. Lots of birds, chilling. Easy trail. Sandy walkways with the reward of the beach at the end of it all. That sums up Abbotts Lagoon for me. Its not a popular hike from what i can assess. Not a lot of people. We pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves once we got there. The trail looked pretty flat, easy and boring on the onset. But all the flora and fauna kept it interesting. The lagoon told us, “do more, walk more, i will show you the beauty as you go. Patience my child”. So we did keep going.













Not featured in the pictures: All the birds nesting and the bird watchers with their binoculars. Sadly, my 35mm prime lense couldnt do justice capturing the beauty of these bird nests from far off. My favourite part about the trail was this couple. They had this old school charm that i couldnt resist stopping to have a little chat. She was really flattered when i told her how cute i thought they were and gave me a huge smile. When i pull out the camera, she obliged. This is who i want us to be, when we are all grown up. Slowly walking the trails like two snails in love.


Lots more Point Reyes to explore and coming up ! Blog posts on Tomales Bay State Park and Inverness coming up.



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