DSCF0454 29 ! another fresh start ! and i dont feel my age but i do feel older ! 28 has been an amazing year and i have had my most ‘adult’ like challenges i have ever faced. Made some big mistakes. But learnt a lot. But it all makes me want to dream big and go for it. I realized that i am an introvert. I enjoy the long silent nights. It gives me that much needed creative space. I need to explore constantly to be happy. This year, i want to be a better student to my teacher(s), a better wife, a better daughter, a great best friend, a better sister, a good working partner and an artist who puts in more time creating.

IMG_9631 In lieu of the eve, we adopted a minimalistic approach to celebrate it. Stripping all the non essentials and headed off to the woods with my few favorite people. I have done birthdays with a lot of craziness and too many people, but this year was different. A DIY cake. Mangoes. Sleeping bags. A car almost as old as me. Chinese red bean desserts. Taboo. Camera. Harsha. Maanasa. Kaushik. And zero outer world connectivity. IMG_9672 Spent the weekend in and around Sedona. Camped at Cave Springs. Were the loudest and the last to go to bed, in the campground. The Newyorkers came down to escape the cold and we took them right back to those temperatures. Made us cherish the warmth of our comforters, the camp fire, the warm camp coffee, the not so cold beer and each other. The view i woke up to: IMG_9648 Me: “This is turning out to be an active trip.” Harsha: “Like you didnt expect it to be one”. IMG_9586 This is the first thing you notice when you enter Sedona from Phoenix. The beautiful Bell Rock. We were driving by. Noticed some people on it. Immediately put it on our list of to-dos. The lower path was a well made path with too many travellers. Then started the steep ascent. The girls climbed and made it while the boys took the safer path around. But it was a scary experience and Maanasa had to cheer me on to give me the courage. We did all make it to the top. IMG_9546 Another view from the top: IMG_9479 The adrenaline high kept us going and we soon ended on another trial. This was flat terrain overrun by wild trees and mountains and requiring us to cross the creek multiple times. We tried climbing random climbable rocks and trees along the way and made it out safe and sound. photo (2) copy A final selfie to register the moment. Just before we turned around at the end of the trail for us. photo (2)The roadtrip did not disappoint. Every step of the way was different. Phoenix had the cactus and dry plains. I-17 had amazing panoramic views. And Sedona had the red rocks. And A.R.Rehman did his job keeping us very happy. Thank you universe. IMG_9337 Makes Mondays that much harder. Video snippets for this weekend: youtube.

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