My macbook pro died out on me a few weeks ago after years of loyal service and putting up with my abuse. When it died out, i lost a big chunk of media and documents, but the content i missed sorely, were pictures from my hometown.Everything else can somehow be lived without. Now that i got a new macbook (wohoo!), i am back to blogging. And here i am, quickly making a post with the recovered pictures. Hope you get a glimpse of the life my grandparents live in India.

I come from a family where most of my ancestors can be traced to be farmers. This is not very uncommon because India was and to some extent, still is an agricultural society. My previous generation were the forerunners who ventured out to take up other professions. But the influence of grandparents and their lifestyle is very strong in our family. I would have had none of it if not for the summers spent in Bellary and Devinagar. My bother and me would roam the streets/fields/barn/yard/lake side all day. We spent our days day dreaming, wandering, collecting sticks and stones, all day long. We would follow our grandpa around when he went to the fields to inspect the crops. And he would take pride in the fact that we were all ears if he had to teach anything.  Lot of my family has this sort of connection and pride in our farming roots.

2014-03-18_0005.jpg 2014-03-18_0006.jpg 2014-03-18_0007.jpg 2014-04-01_0002.jpg 2014-04-01_0003.jpg 2014-04-01_0004.jpg 2014-04-01_0005.jpg

I left my parental home at 17 and India at 21. Living in America definitely makes me appreciate my ancestors and miss their practices. I look for traces of it in my everyday life. And being an engineer inculcates the curiosity to ties up the ‘why we did what we did’ part of the knowledge quest. It has been an awesome journey so far. What ever i learn, and where ever i go, i still remain a farmers granddaughter. Forever.

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